We are an Arizona-based, non-profit organization, educating about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the associated risks. We collaborate with GMO-free chapters and like-minded organizations statewide, and we provide a hub for resources and networking for Arizona’s thriving GMO-free movement.

We host informative movie nights, lectures, and training. We provide educational materials, maintain an online resource site, and member base. We promote the “Tipping Point of Consumer Rejection,” the “GMO-free Challenge,” and advocate for GMO transparency in the food we buy. We support healthy vibrant GMO-free food systems as parents, health conscious consumers, non-GMO farmers, food sovereignty activists, and sustainability advocates.

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Dr. Lorrin Pang of Hawaii and Percy Schmeiser of Canada were in Phoenix March 2, 2012, talking about the risks of eating genetically engineered foods.


Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farms and the “Just Label It” campaign spoke January 28, 2014 at the Tempe Center for the Arts, courtesy of ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS). He focused on the business aspect of being organic and sustainable.


What is the connection between chronic disease and the release of GMOs? Did you know that about 140 of Nature’s living things are on the drawing board to become genetically modified? Everything from trees and insects, to wheat and rice.

Jeffrey M. Smith of t_MG_7165-001he Institute for Responsible Technology and a panel of Valley physicians talked about that and much more in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 3, 2013.

GMO Free Arizona hosted a special event that night: “The Health Hazards of GMO Foods.” Some 350 people crowded the room at the Chaparral Suites Resort, 5001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ.

Keynote speaker Jeffrey Smith talked about the science that relates to the toxicity of genetically engineered foods. (Watch the presentation by clicking in the middle of the image above.) Smith showed government data trend lines that reveal a distinct rise since the late 1990s in deaths from Parkinson’s disease and senile dementia; hospitalizations in kidney disease; and increased incidence of high blood pressure, inflammatory bowel disease and chronic constipation, Celiac disease, thyroid and liver cancers, and more. These rising trends align with the release of genetically modified foods and the use of the pesticide Roundup in the United States.

_MG_7278-001Three Valley physicians – Dr. Deborah Dykema, Dr. Chis Serafini, and Dr. Jack Wolfson – fielded specific questions from the audience.

People testified that in their personal experience, going GMO-free has cleared up a number of health symptoms and allowed them to reduce the need for medications.

We wish to thank our sponsors who made this special event possible:The Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, Plant Based Nation, ShopOrganic.com, Essante Organics, Save Your Dairy, Naturopathic Specialists, Dr. Deborah Dkyema of the Wellness Center in Northwest Phoenix, Dr. Chris Serafini of the Valley Spinal Care clinic in Scottsdale, Dr. Jack Wolfson of Wolfson Integrative Cardiology in Paradise Valley, and The Institute for Responsible Technology – founded by Jeffrey Smith.

Coming Up:

In 2014, details to come:

  • Don Huber from Purdue, internationally recognized plant pathologist
  • Howard Vlieger, a 3rd generation pig farmer from Idaho who did the study on pigs fed both a GMO and non-GMO diet
  • Percy Schmeiser, the first farmer to be sued by Monsanto for patent infringement because of contamination of GMO canola in his non-GMO canola fields
  • Dr. Vandana Shiva, author and outspoken activist in India who forced biotech companies to relinquish patent rights to heirloom eggplant and basmati rice – coming October 31