Welcome to GMO Free Arizona

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Our Mission and Action Statement

We are an educational non-profit.  We educate about genetically engineered foods (GMOs) and the associated risks. We collaborate with GMO Free chapters and like-minded organizations statewide, and we provide a hub for resources and networking for Arizona’s thriving GMO Free movement.

We host informative movie nights, lectures, and provide training. We provide educational materials, maintain an online resource site and member base.  We promote the “Tipping Point of Consumer Rejection,” the “GMO Free Challenge,” and advocate for GMO transparency. We support healthy vibrant GMO Free food systems as parents, students, professionals, health conscious consumers, Non GMO farmers, food sovereignty activists, and sustainability advocates.

OUR MAIN FOCUS IS ON EDUCATING ABOUT HR1599 aka the “D.A.R.K. Act” or Deny Americans the Right to Know…this bill has passed through the House and is going to the Senate for a vote as early as the first week in Sept.  HR1599 will preempt state rights to label GMOs doing away with GMO labels at state level, keeping any restriction from being placed in state or at muni level, it does away with the NON GMO Project Verified and offers the USDA the power to oversee a NON-GMO labeling certification…it redefines GMOs as natural and further cements industry power and immunity.   See our Facebook page for bill details etc.

It is not expected to be passed in the Senate, but you never know.  However, it is expected that this bill will be attached as a rider to another bill and potentially passed this way. 

It is time to let our reps who voted NO on this bill that we appreciate them, those that voted YES that we want them to understand this issue and turn the Biotech-Chemical company lobby away and for those who have not voted YET…we are watching and don’t even think about co-sponsoring this trash!