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USDA: Escaped, Highly Invasive GE Grass Poses No Environmental Harm

Commercial Approval of Engineered Bentgrass Given Despite Failed Efforts to Stop Its Spread From Old Experiment Plots PORTLAND, Ore.— The Environmental Protection Agency released a final environmental impact statement today giving the green light to genetically engineered creeping bentgrass, a highly invasive grass genetically engineered by Monsanto and Scotts to withstand what would normally be a fatal dose of the herbicide glyphosate. Decades-old outdoor experiments have proven the novel grass impossible to control, as it escaped from “controlled” plots and invaded irrigation ditches, river banks and the Crooked River National Grassland, crowding out native plants and the wildlife that...

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Millions face health risk from ‘toxic’ GM crop

A genetically modified crop eaten by millions of people and animals around the world may be unsafe because of previously undetected toxic effects, a study has claimed. Maize that has been modified to survive being sprayed with high doses of weedkiller contains “worryingly large increases” in substances that can worsen allergic reactions and increase the risk of cancer, according to research by King’s College London. The NK603 maize has been widely planted in the US, Canada, Brazil and Argentina since being approved more than a decade ago. Monsanto, which produced it, said that it was “substantially equivalent” to non-GM...

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JEFFREY SMITH IN ARIZONA : Health Hazards of GMO Foods

10 Disgusting Fast Food Secrets

Posted by David Wolfe on Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Rant for Earth Day Youtube link: #Recycle #LessWaste #Environment

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Kellogg's: the bottom of the food chain. BOYCOTT and put them out of business.
SIGN THE PETITION: Kellogg's - Remove GMOs and get Non-GMO Project Verified.
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BREAKING: Kellogg's is removing GMO labels from their products. The company began labeling when Vermont's mandatory GMO labeling law was passed. The law has since been overturned at the federal level by the DARK Act, signed into law last July. The company is back to their old deceptive ways - poisoning unsuspecting people for profit. BOYCOTT KELLOGG'S and spread the word. SIGN THE PETITION: Kellogg's - Remove GMOs and get Non-GMO Project Verified. Post on Kellogg's FB page and call them out. READ: GMO corn produces worrying levels of toxins, caused by the genetic engineering process- READ: Glyphosate causes Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease at levels found in the U.S. food supply- #Kelloggs #BOYCOTTKelloggs #PopTarts #LabelGMOs #GMO #Roundup #RoundupReady #glyphosate #carcinogen #cancer #NAFLD #NonAlcoholicFattyLiverDisease #PoisonForProfit #Deception #CorporateAccountability #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa

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