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GMO Debate in Tempe

GMO Free Arizona’s Merianne Drew will be debating director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Mark Killian, on Monday October 24th at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center at 7:00 p.m. Come out and show your support for the anti-GMO movement. For further details check out GMO Free Arizona’s Facebook page. Miss the debate? Watch the video...

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Largest-Ever Study Reveals Environmental Impact of Genetically Modified Crops

September 14, 2016   Caroline Newman, According to new research from University of Virginia economist Federico Ciliberto, widespread adoption of genetically modified crops has decreased the use of insecticides, but increased the use of weed-killing herbicides as weeds become more resistant. Ciliberto led the largest study of genetically modified crops and pesticide use to date, alongside Edward D. Perry of Kansas State University, David A. Hennessy of Michigan State University and GianCarlo Moschini of Iowa State University. The four economists studied annual data from more than 5,000 soybean and 5,000 maize farmers in the U.S. from 1998 to 2011, far exceeding previous studies that have been limited to one or two years of data. “The fact that we have 14 years of farm-level data from farmers all over the U.S. makes this study very special,” Ciliberto said. “We have repeated observations of the same farmers and can see when they adopted genetically modified seeds and how that changed their use of chemicals.” Since 2008, genetically engineered crops have accounted for more than 80 percent of maize and soybean crops planted in the U.S. Maize seeds are modified with two genes: one kills insects that eat the seed and one allows the seed to tolerate glyphosate, a herbicide commonly used in weed killers like Roundup. Soybeans are modified with just one glyphosate-resistant gene. Unsurprisingly, maize farmers who used the insect-resistant...

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JEFFREY SMITH IN ARIZONA : Health Hazards of GMO Foods

10 Disgusting Fast Food Secrets

Posted by David Wolfe on Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Rant for Earth Day Youtube link: #Recycle #LessWaste #Environment

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Kellogg's: the bottom of the food chain. BOYCOTT and put them out of business.
SIGN THE PETITION: Kellogg's - Remove GMOs and get Non-GMO Project Verified.
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BREAKING: Kellogg's is removing GMO labels from their products. The company began labeling when Vermont's mandatory GMO labeling law was passed. The law has since been overturned at the federal level by the DARK Act, signed into law last July. The company is back to their old deceptive ways - poisoning unsuspecting people for profit. BOYCOTT KELLOGG'S and spread the word. SIGN THE PETITION: Kellogg's - Remove GMOs and get Non-GMO Project Verified. Post on Kellogg's FB page and call them out. READ: GMO corn produces worrying levels of toxins, caused by the genetic engineering process- READ: Glyphosate causes Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease at levels found in the U.S. food supply- #Kelloggs #BOYCOTTKelloggs #PopTarts #LabelGMOs #GMO #Roundup #RoundupReady #glyphosate #carcinogen #cancer #NAFLD #NonAlcoholicFattyLiverDisease #PoisonForProfit #Deception #CorporateAccountability #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa

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